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Stop Cubby Art

I have a question to ask every one; when did it become less embarrassing to be called a pedophile then it did to be accused of having consenting monogamous sex in a fursuit? I want to know the answer to this. Because I would rather have people trying to see me in some strange looking costume then to have people pull their kids away from me and call the cops on me if I even try to talk to one of them. I have heard the arguments and the reasons why cub art is allowed in this community and someone even said cub art is the “new frontier of furry”.

Argument for Cub Art: A drawing is just ink paint or some other medium. No physical harm is done in creating an image.

Argument against Cub Art: This is true. Unless you are using ink made from the blood and other bodily excretions then you’re absolutely right no physical harm is inflected on anyone. Unless someone sees you working on an image of that nature and kicks your ass or you get a paper cut or something. However that is not to say mental harm is not caused or inflicted. What happens if the image is seen by someone that was a victim, like I don’t know some one that was raped as a child? What then? You have just caused someone to have flash backs to what was probably the most damaging experience of their lives. You have just opened mental scars that have never been healed, and yet you say no harm is done because the children depicted aren’t real as if that makes you some how innocent of the pain you just caused another person.

Argument for Cub Art: It’s only the people that can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality that are the problem.

Argument against Cub Art: Yes you have a some what valid point. I don’t think that a single person that plays gory video games hasn’t used this one. However I don’t know a single one of them that refuses to admit that the games they play are violent. They are not so delusional as to say will it’s just pixels that are made to look like blood. You fucking dolt. If you draw a clearly under aged person/anthro being fucked by someone that is an adult then you are creating an image that depicts pedophilia. If you are drawing images like that to invoke sexual response then you are indeed creating child porn.

Argument for Cub Art: When a person hits puberty they find people their own age sexually attractive.

Argument against Cub Art: Very good, you passed health class. Yes it is normal for 12 year olds to find other 12 year olds attractive. Also 12 year olds do not, under normal conditions want to have sex with each other or with their siblings, teachers or parents. But lets be honest you’re not 12 any more are you? The age of things you find attractive and your responses to them are supposed to advance as you do. If you’re still finding children attractive in a sexual way then you my friend are a pedophile.

Of all the arguments that I have heard over the years on the subject there is one that still troubles deeply.

Argument for cub art: I was abused as a child, and I find these images to be really hot/sexy/pleasing.

Argument against cub art: Oh fucking hell. No. A victim of abuse can handle the damages caused by their attacker in a few ways. They can block it out repress it until it becomes something they may never remember. It becomes something of a ticking time bomb waiting for the right trigger to explode. They can quietly swallow it and struggle with it their entire lives maybe they will never have the ability to speak out about what has happened. Or if they do speak out they may be silenced and told ‘to stop making things up’. The victim might turn their pain into aggression this aggression might lead them to howl with rage and try to make support groups for other victims or maybe it will make it near impossible to ever have a normal relationship. But the most distressing trend that those sexually abused as children is that some of them become molesters themselves. So if you were abused as a child and you find cub art to be sexually gratifying then you have become just as damaged and the fucking monster that raped you. I would hope that you having suffered under that kind of torment would seek professional help.

Cub art is not the new frontier of anything. It is the gate way to pedophilia and the trafficking of child porn. Any one that is deluding themselves into thinking that it’s only ink, pixels, paint or that it’s only an animal made to look like a child needs to seriously get their mental state evaluated.

I have an ever growing list of cubby artists and it will be listed at the end of this journal. Make your distaste known, make them understand that no, cub art and child porn will not be tolerated that we will no longer be silent. Do not take commissions from them and do not commission them even if some of them may be skilled artists.

Please if you stand with me in this battle against this mental sickness spread the word add names to the list, or even mirror this in your journals, in your deviant art accounts, in your LJs, Facebooks, Myspaces, and other blogs hell post this on Youtube. Get the word out fellow furs, let them know that cub art has no place anywhere.

List of PEDOPHILES: All found on FA [link]

Betawolf: collector and commissioner of cub art. (it is child porn)
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(no subject)

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead. Last bit ain't mandatory.

If I don't know the fandom I will let you know, heck I might even try it any way.

Please try to post your request in a similar style as follows below:

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Right this isn't going to be long or anything like that I'm just posting this to let everyone know that a) I'm alive and b) I wish to god that some people would keep their fucking mouth shut. I mean it's getting on my last nerve when ever this person talks I almost find myself flying off the handle and punching out every tooth in their damn head. It's like dude you don't know what we're talking about you're not going to know and personally even if you did know I still wouldn't want you talking...GARRRRR! I'm sure every one knows some one like that though right? Someone that just tries too damn hard to be in the spot light like 24/7? OI! So yeah I am going to shut up now and get back to writing Book Of The Path now....w00t I get to kill someone.
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For any one that cares to know.

First I've updated my DA page a little with more art. I've been plugging away mostly new pencil shading stuff most of it anthro and a few anime/manga style people. http://ravefoeseeker.deviantart.com/ is the address for any one that wants to check that. Also in artistic news (haha) my fan fiction has been pulled from FanFic.Net because I no longer wish to be part of that community. It's a little sad but you know it's fitting in away I've out grown that just like the co-author I once worked with out grew me I guess. So much for always being friends I guess. You can find my work now at AdultFanFiction.net under the name Rave Echidna. For those of you that knew that and gasp read what I write I now have updated Book of the Path and added a new fiction my first in the Metal Gear Solid series. A word of warning I don't normally write Het so if anything other then Het bothers you...don't bother reading my stuff. Currently I am working on Chapter 13 of Book of the path so you can probably expect to see that some time in the next month or so. Also I'll be going to one of the Midnight releases of Resident Evil 5 I am so like stupidly hyper over this one.
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Right so one of these days I am going to play catch up and and ah let every one know what's going on in my life...but right now that's not the case. :: points to Icon :: See that Bro if you ever want this one Excer's all yours any one else even think of taking it I will break hands. It's the first Icon that I have ever done totally digital...go me.
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The first five people to comment in this post get to request a sketch of a character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their drawing ability level. If you absolutely can't draw, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drabbles or icons or something instead.


Warning Drawings may take time as I have no scanner. Also I suck at humans. You can see samples of my work at http://ravefoeseeker.deviantart.com/ I will not draw CUB art or Shota don't ask me too.

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Just to let every one know I am still alive...will have a better post when I can think of something.

Oh I know if you have any questions for me just ask.

Spiffy new Icon is from Rensis.
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Fuck the world at this time I just want to go to bed and not wake up for a few years. Please note that I am just feeling pissed off at life and that like all things it will pass.